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Try something a little different as the finishing touch to your project.


I specialise in using decorative paint finishes and techniques to make certain features in your home or commercial space stand out!


 From detailing around your bar with a rustic finish to classy metallic finishes on reception desks or hotel foyer feature walls, specialist paint finishes help take your space to the next level.


Some of the paint finishes I can offer to both residential and commercial properties are:


Polished Plastering  |  Metallic Finishes  |  ‘Rusted’ look  |  Exterior Texture Coating


 All materials and paint used are of top quality and highly durable; such as Dulux Acratex which protects against render cracking and staining.


I love a good creative project, so let me know if you have something special in mind and I’ll help make it happen!


​Call me for your free quote today!

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